Eliminate Negative
Thoughts, Emotions & Feelings

to transform your health, wealth & relationships for a happily balanced personal and professional life.

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What this program is all about?

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The Step-By-Step Game Plan To Completely Eliminate your struggles with Negative Thoughts, Emotions & Feelings…FOREVER!

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How to take complete charge of your better health, wealth and relationships when you need to perform at your BEST!!

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Transform your anxiety, overwhelm, self-doubt, fear, sadness to amazing calmness, soothing peace, abundance of self-confidence, courage & happiness.

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Proven Science behind the powerful communication with yourself, others and with the world.

Who is this workshop for?

What you will learn?

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Understanding The Real Cause & Effects Of Toxic Relationships With Self And Others, Low Self-Esteem & No Growth In Personal & Professional Life

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Simple Introduction Of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): A Mind Manual For Mastering Thoughts, Emotions & Feelings.

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Discover The Unconscious Pattern & Myths Of Negative Behaviours

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Understanding 6 Undiscovered Emotions For A Fulfilled Life

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How To Reimprint Your Brain Patterns To Transform From Negative Emotions To Emotions That Excite You Everyday.

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How To Remove The Suppressed Emotions Of Past Painful Memories, Grief, Hurt, Fears & Phobias

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Peak Performance In Personal & Professional Life Without Limitations

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How To Create Blueprints Of Health & Happiness To Enjoy Confidence, And Rock Solid Self Esteem

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How To Communicate Effectively With Yourself & Build Strong Relationships With Others

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How To Activate Neurons To Achieve More Money & Success

This workshop is for you, if you want to...

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Be 100% present with your spouse & kids, and FINALLY be the Parent, the Partner, and the Person, you always knew you could be, no matter what you’ve been through during the day​.

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Break down the barriers of deep regret, guilt and painful emotional baggage that has you beating yourself up each day over failures or poor decisions instead of thriving each day.​

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Learn the skills to remove your blockages of in your mind that is preventing you from making important decisions, staying focused on the important task at hand OR from completing the crucial projects.​

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Step into your workspace each day filled with confidence & positivity and, have endless flow of power and energy that never runs out. No matter how many challenges you are dealing with throughout the day.​


Learn the power of communication to elevate your work performance so that it can go through the roof. Opportunities, clients, customers, and money will flow to you like never before.​

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Grow in making decisions quickly and they will be the right decision for the right reasons.​


Install the confidence to speak up for yourself clearly and confidently, get your ideas heard and finally get the recognition, promotions, deals, clients and income you’ve been missing out on.​


Throw away the dependency on alcohol, prescription drugs or other self-medication to get through the day, and all of the emotional turbulence that is making each day a living hell will be gone.​



Hi! I’m Sapan Gupta, & I’m in the business of Creating HAPPINESS!

I’m a Corporate Professional turned Emotional Mastery Coach, Advance NLP Expert & An Author.

In my 14 years of corporate life, I witnessed major setbacks in so many lives including mine, both personally & professionally.

I used to have a very happy married life and a successful corporate career but life changed completely after losing my loving wife and I got emotionally imbalanced not knowing what to do, and how to manage myself. I was diagnosed with Prediabetic, High BP, losing memory and life became dark as it was the end of my life. 

Fortunately, I realized it is not the event, it is the suffering that makes life real hell. So I had to learn to master my emotions to come over from that suffering. Later on, I observed that people are going through some emotional turbulence, however, having different reasons like toxic relationships, not growing in business or professional life, and struggling with health.

Nowadays 9/10 people are victims of their emotions which is disbalancing their life instead they balance their emotions.

However, by using the latest mind tools & advanced science of NLP, we can master our emotions to accelerate our health, wealth & relationship with ourselves as well as with others.

This is not just a program, I’m on a mission to touch the hearts & minds of at least 1 million Entrepreneurs & Working Professionals by 2030 to help them with a step-by-step method to balance their emotions and not let them control their personal & professional life.


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